Projecting and protecting your brand’s reputation is more important than ever. We can help you establish a position of leadership and credibility in traditional and digital media.​

Press Planning
Let us help you discover and promote newsworthy opportunities in your organization’s activities. An investment in quality press planning can generate tremendous value in press coverage. From drafting and distributing press releases and managing press conferences and building complete, step-by-step media relations plans we can help you leverage the power of today’s “press” to build your brand.

Thought Leadership Coordination
The experts in your organization have valuable insights about your industry, your customers, your products and your operations. Let us help you translate these insights into a program that helps you gain recognition as experts in your field. We can help you create a strategy that includes building presentations and webinars, creating a speakers’ bureau, drafting trade articles and more.

Social Media Best Practices
As powerful a communications tool that social media can be, it can also present challenges, uncertainties and even dangers. Whether being used for professional or personal purposes, the way your team behaves on social media can have profound effects on your brand. Let us help you build a best practices manual that gives you peace of mind while still harnessing the benefits of the channel.

Media Training
Few people are born knowing how to deliver a message in front of a camera or microphone. Yet, there are people in your organization who will likely find themselves in that situation with your brand’s reputation hanging in the balance. Media training for your leadership and press representatives is an investment that can pay substantial dividends and, more importantly, can help avoid costly or embarrassing mistakes.

Crisis Communication
Bad things happen. And when those bad things involve your organization, it’s important to have a plan for minimizing their negative impact on your brand. From designating key contacts for press relations, to drafting talking points and scenario responses, we can help you design a crisis communication plan that gives you confidence and clarity in difficult situations.

Public Relations

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