Audience Engagement

Canary & Coal

From social media to search engine marketing, we can design and manage programs that deliver results month after month.​

Project Management
From annual plans to one-time programs, our experts can bring together the resources, insight and organization to bring all of your projects to successful conclusions. We can be a one-stop resource or collaborate with your internal team members or preferred vendors to orchestrate every element for on-time, on-budget delivery.

Content Development
Content is communication. We can help you engineer and create interesting and attractive content for nearly any marketing channel. We’ll bring together writing and design elements that support your brand, engage your audience and position you for continuing success.

Improvement Analysis
Many of today’s marketing channels can provide in-depth reporting on how your audience is interacting with your messages. We can help you analyze reporting from a wide variety of platforms. We’ll help you cut through the volume of information to achieve to actionable insights.

Digital Placement

Whether paid search, sponsored posts or pre-roll video, we can help you deploy a digital media budget across the platforms that will deliver the most impact against your goals and target audience. We’ll actively manage your campaign and optimize as we go, making sure that every dollar is delivering maximum results.

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